Rahbeks Allé Kitchen

Rahbeks Allé is a spacious food workshop in solid oakwood and coverings in denim blue linoleum and desert sand.

This oak wood kitchen is big enough for the entire family with visitors and features surfaces in steel blue linoleum and light sandybrown wood.

The clients wanted their kitchen to give priority to cooking and the enjoyment of food. It was also crucial for the room not to be dominated by wood details. Therefore, we have mostly used linoleum, a material lively as wood yet with warmth and texture to make it suitable for cooking.

The kitchen has room for a twelve foot wide cabinet system covering floor to ceiling, a nine foot wide kitchen island, and a dining table with a hung bench. All in all this gives a spacious food workshop with plenty of room for culinary explorations and experiences. The stove area is made out as a niche in the cabinet system, enclosing it on all three sides. This isloates the cooking section as one workspace from the rest of the room, increasing the efficiency of the vents. The cabinet system houses both refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, wine cooler, and plenty of storage space.

Kogezonen er lavet som en niche i højskabsvæggen og omkranses dermed på tre sider.

The kitchen island has a beautiful blue linoleum tabletop with color tones ranging from charcoal gray to light denim blue, depending on the daylight entering the room. It has cabinets with pullout shelves, drawers, a built-in dishwasher, and seats for cooking to take place in the same room as for instance homework.

Opposite the cabinet system we have put up a nine foot long integrated bench and a dining table made of massive soap-coated oak wood. The dining table is an interpretation of a piece of shaker furniture, so often an inspiration to Nordic furniture. The bench is made of oak wood with a light colored linoleum surface and cushions made from Kvadrat fabric.

Snedkerkøkkenet Rahbeks Allé - designet og produceret af Nicolaj Bo™Snedkerkøkkenet Rahbeks Allé - designet og produceret af Nicolaj Bo™

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