Culture Club Kitchen

Culture Club Kitchen is the kid brother of the family. The kitchen is based on the same functionality and design, but is a simpler version of our other kitchen profiles. The options available and the level of detail are limited compared to our other kitchens, to make it easier to produce and achieve a more favourable price.

In terms of material, oak and coloured laminates are used throughout. The laminate is available in a host of colours, offering a natural opportunity to create your very own unique, playful colour combination. A colour combination that can easily be modified or replaced entirely, if in due course you feel like a new ambience.

A unique feature of this kitchen is the external wooden handle, which has the same graphical expression as our inte- grated signature handle. Culture Club Kitchen is of course also available with push function or different handles.

Nicolaj Bo Culture Club Kitchen
Nicolaj Bo Culture Club Kitchen

Culture Club Kitchen has a 20 mm worktop, which protrudes slightly over the doors and harmonises with the external handles. We have given the kit- chen its very own character by rounding the corners, lending a delicate, organic touch to the kitchen.

Open shelves in the Culture Club Kit- chen serve as wall cabinets. You have the option of creating your very own combination of our different modules.

Nicolaj Bo Culture Club Kitchen

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