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Nicolaj Bo has gathered a team of enthusiasts with a special interest in the craft traditions of the profession. We all have a deep love for the product and a shared vision of creating kitchens and furniture that we can be proud of for years to come.

Our combined design studio and workshop can be found in an old warehouse in the Sydhavnen area of Copenhagen. This ensures a close collaboration through both the design phase and production. Besides, it creates a unique social working environment. Everyone knows everyone, and we each day meet for an hour-long lunch break at the communal long table – taking the opportunity to enjoy good food, discuss ongoing projects or take a swim in the nearby canal.

Nicolaj Bo

Creative Director and Master Cabinet Maker. A fervent optimist and founder of Nicolaj Bo™. Has worked for many years alongside his colleague, Bille, in the workshop. Nowadays Nicolaj can be found in his office or out visiting clients. Winter bather and power napper.

Allan Torp

Sales Manager and design consultant. A true design connoisseur. Through his blog, Allan has found inspiration and written about design at home and abroad for more than 10 years. He has published books and designed furniture for Danish brands. When guiding customers, he draws upon his many insights and has a very singular sense for creating inviting interior solutions.

Silla Pi Svedstrup
Design consultant. Silla has a pure love for aesthetic design and has several years of experience from the Danish design industry, where craftsmanship has been the focal point. She studied to be an interior designer as she could not see a floor plan without optimizing space distribution or thinking in interior design options. It is precisely this curiosity that gives Silla that special flair to uncover the customer’s needs in working to optimize the kitchen’s functionality.
Kirstine Lehmann

Technical designer. Kirstine has been an intern with us earlier, so she was warmly weclomed back when she applied for a proper job with us. Naturally imbued with a calmness typical of her Northern Jutlandic origin, she prepares complex projects for production with systematic and precise method.

Louise Kragh Olsen

Administration and Logistics Manager. Louise provides overview over the most complex situations regarding procuration, order management and project coordination. Apart from her obvious talents at the office, she possesses some remarkable bowling skills.

Anne Marie Kobberø

Trained as an architect, Anne has worked on projects large and small in the fields of design and architecture. With enthusiasm and focus, she has recently expanded into spatial design and furniture. With attention to detail at the drawing table, Anne ensures everything comes together.

Lars Bille Christensen

Nestor among cabinet makers. This is the guy who makes all the pieces come together in the end and gives the kitchens their finishing touches. His thoroughness makes you want to keep him in your kitchen.

Kai Hempel

Head of Production. Kai brings a German touch to the workshop,  with ‘ordnung muss sein’ and a big smile. He is full of good humour and ideas for how to optimize our processes. He is also a bit of a kid and likes to use his lunch break to air his home-built model race car or cast his fishing rod in the nearby canal.

Flemming Birk Bitzer

Cabinet Maker. Varnishes, surfaces, and finishes are Flemming’s specialty. He is the man who, with his sharp eye for detail, makes sure that all kitchen fronts, shelves, etc. are top tuned before they get their final treatment. His sense for the small details is also at stake at home where he patiently shapes and creates small green works of Bonsai art.

Dennis Klitgaard

As a seasoned furniture maker from historic Rud Rasmussen Company, Dennis ensures exeptional craftsmanship with a jaw-dropping finish. Incidentally, he’s also two-time Nordic Champion in 100 metre sprint: 1.0927 minutes.

Nicklas Philip Klemming-Schmidt

As a cabinetmaker, Nicklas is in charge of our surface department. With a neat and safe hand, he prepares all surfaces and ensures the most beautiful and perfect veneer transitions in our kitchen fronts. In addition to training in furniture building, he has also studied design development and entrepreneurship and dreams of one day being able to realize some of his own designs.

Daniel Grasenack-Tente

Our global citizen craftsman: Born and raised in New Zealand by German parents, Daniel now lives in Denmark with his own little family. His primary focus is sustainability, quality and precision, which fits well with our own values. His CNC expertise is especially valued. Whether he’s making kitchens or basketball backboards, the whole team benefits.

Louis Axel Froberg

Louis is our very first wood machinist apprentice. Like all our apprentices, it is important he gets his fingers well-covered in sawdust and allowed to work with a little bit of everything in the workshop. When not using his time in the workshop, he’s sure to be engrossed in a good book or perhaps two at the same time. In fact, he is so into books that he has also taken up writing himself. He’s currently working on drafting the ultimate apprentice manual.

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