Svanholmsvej Kitchen

Classic – linoleum and oak

Svanholmsvej Kitchen
Oak and smokey blue linoleum

This beautiful blue coloured kitchen is located in a high ceiling apartment in central Frederiksberg. The kitchen fills out the space from the original kitchen and side chamber, opening up for the entire family.

The kitchen space has an elegant feel with natural transitions and daylight coming in from several sides.

Despite the inherent obstacles of four doors and two windows, we managed to proportion and accommodate all elements, giving the space an elegant feel with natural transitions and light coming in from several sides. The old wide plank flooring was kept and painted grey to give a neutral and warm foundation for the kitchen and furniture. Throughout the rest of the apartment the original herringbone wooden floors have been restored and preserved.

The kitchen area is set up in a 90° angle, dividing the room into a cooking area and a dining area with seats at the kitchen counter. High cabinets are set apart and contain an integrated refrigerator and plenty of room for groceries. The fronts of the kitchen are covered in a classic blue linoleum, whereas counter, drawers and details are made from solid oak. For the cooker hood we used the same materials as for the kitchen itself. To light up the overall room we chose Floss downlights coupled with a focused light above the kitchen counter in the form of a beautiful brass LED-lamp from Anour.

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