Hexagonal tiles NB 80

The six-sided hexagonal tiles do double duty as both decoration and backsplash. The tiles are available with either oak-veneered or linoleum finishes.

Snedkerkøkken, hexagonfliser og led belysning fra hylde. Design in oak veneer and pewter grey linoleum - af køkkensnedker Nicolaj Bo, København

The tiles are made up of beautiful oak veneer or linoleum glued to a 6 mm black moisture-resistant board.  The oak tiles are then coated with a discreet matte lacquer to seal the surface and make it easy to clean and remove grease from the surface.

The tiles are mounted with a high strength adhesive or double side tape.

The tiles are 180 mm long measured from side to side.

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Hexagonflise in oak - designet og produceret af Nicolaj Bo™Oak
Hexagonal tiles in smokey blue linoleumSmokey Blue
Hexagonfliser in charcoal grey linoleumCharcoal
Hexagonfliser in pewter grey linoleumPewter 
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Hexagonal tiles NB 80

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