Nicolaj Bo Stiletto

The Nicolaj Bo Stiletto kitchen has the same finesse and level of detail in the craftsmanship that we see in both the Classic and Couture settings. But the modules are more elongated, and we have raised it all up on legs, giving the kitchen a lighter, sophisticated feel. Depending on the choice of materials, whether you opt for natural or oxidised oak, the Stiletto ambience can assume a more or less international or Scandinavian emphasis.

The frame is a finely crafted structure made of solid oak. The legs are square and conical. They rest on a frame that reveals the simple design.

Nicolaj Bo Stiletto

The structure of the drawer elements in the Stiletto kitchen, with the finger joint internal design, is the same as in the Classic and Couture kitchens. The distinctive feature of Stiletto is that we have elongated the design. T he long, slim, horizontal lines combine with the other details in the Stiletto kitchen to create a monumental sculptural impression.

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