Meet us

We have put together a team of enthusiasts. We all share the same interest in the traditions of the craft and a vision for making furniture to be proud of for decades to come.

We work closely side by side to create each individual kitchen or piece of furniture. It all takes place by the city channels in Teglholmen, Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the location of our workshop, offices, and showroom all under one same roof.

Outside our facilities we have our very own float boat, with plenty of room for a long table for staff lunches, company canoes, or a quick jump in the water. Our close collaboration ensures innovative production and the possibility for creative solutions, even at the more advanced stages of each kitchen manufacturing project.



Nicolaj Bo

Nicolaj Bo
Creative Director and Chief Cabinet Maker. A fervent optimist and founder of Nicolaj Bo™. Has worked for many years alongside his colleague, Bille, in the workshop. Nowadays Nicolaj can be found in his office or out visiting clients. Winter bather and power napper.

Malene Bo Harmsen

Malene Bo Harmsen
Administration, HR, PR and a number of other abbreviations. A woman of letters from the University of Roskilde and self-taught potter. Works with our visual appearance and is always ready to throw a critical look at our creations to keep us on track. Part-time winter bather and a strong proponent for our weekly yoga sessions.

Anne Marie Kobberø
Trained as an architect, Anne has worked on projects big and small in the fields of design and architecture. Most recently, with enthusiasm and focus, she has expanded into spatial design and furniture. At the drawing table, Anne makes it all balance out thanks to her attention to detail.

Louise Kragh Olsen
Administration and Logistics Manager. Louise provides the overview over the most complex situations regarding purchasing, order management and project coordination.Apart from her obvious talents at the office, she possesses some remarkable bowling skills.

Sune Bundgaard Rasmussen - Nicolaj Bo™

Sune Bundgaard Rasmussen
Construction and project coordinator. He’s a Lucky Luke with a phone. He works in tandem with customers and all relevant craftsmen. He’s on his way, at the office or at the site – and always in workwear if the scene requires ekstra manpower.


Lars Bille Christensen - Nicolaj Bo™

Lars Bille Christensen
Nestor amongst the cabinet makers. This is the guy who makes all the pieces come together in the end and gives the kitchens their finishing touches. His thoroughness makes you want to keep him in your kitchen.

Andreas Nathan - Nicolaj Bo™

Andreas Nathan
Head of Production and Cabinet Maker. Keeps calm around the CNC spindle moulder and is always running some project. If Andreas cannot fix stuff himself, he knows someone who can. Senior member of the winter bathing club.

Rasmus Nyborg - Køkkensnedker hos Nicolaj Bo™

Rasmus Nyborg
Cabinet maker. Responsible for our serial products, a dedicated collector and connoisseur of furniture. A systematic cabinet maker who creates the most beautiful veneers for kitchen surfaces – polished and painted by hand.

Rasmus Kjær
Cabinet maker and Chief Installer. As an atheist viking, Rasmus likes to fight other vikings for fun and is a dedicated collector of motorized tools. Owner of the tallest private Festool tower known to man.

Michael Jacobsen
Michael is an exceptionally systematic joiner, who brings with him years of experience from master carpenters Rud. Rasmussen, and is himself a master at organizing boards and planks, not to mention working them. Michael is also a trailblazer of healthy living – a true craftsman who never misses an opportunity to defend his bean and lentil salad.

Dennis Klitgaard
As a seasoned furniture maker from the Rud Rasmussen Company, Dennis ensures exeptional craftsmanship with a jaw-dropping finish. Incidentally, he’s also two time nordic champion in 100 metre sprint: 1.0927 minutes.

Silas Kristian Haahr
Student intern specializing in communication, IT, film, and media. Silas is our ace in the hole who shows us how the new world works. Late at night you may see im in a Batman suit at the Meat Packing District.