Tuborgvej Kitchen

The compact layout of Tuborgvej is defined by a chimney, turning this U-shaped kitchen into an intimate and private food workshop.

Oak wood kitchen with racing green laminate - by Nicolaj Bo™ Upon entering the neighborhood of Hellerup, one is struck by this rare blend of functionalism and Mexican hacienda style, beautifully surrounded by old trees in the garden. With its white chalk-painted front, this villa contributes beautifully to the diverse styles of the houses located on the road Tuborgvej. A young couple recently bought the house and carefully refurbished everything inside out. As for their kitchen, they chose a kitchen by Nicolaj Bo. The owners wanted a pure oakwood kitchen to match the original herringbone floor running throughout the house. For the kitchen floor, they went with custom-made Italian tiles.

Every inch of storage space is thoughtfully utilized using a integrated, open shelf system.

Also worth mentioning is that the couple are the happy owners of a dark green 1965 Porsche 912, so they embraced the idea of covering the insides of all cupboards and shelves with a classic racing-green laminate. This color jumps at the eye wonderfully from the integrated, open shelf system, which is a part of the total kitchen setup. The kitchen has massive oak table surfaces, and an integrated sink surrounded by a steel frame. The layout of the cabinet system is defined by a chimney, turning this U-shaped kitchen into an intimate and private food workshop. At the same time, the cabinet system divides the cooking space from the actual dining area. The kitchen has pullout trays and drawers with section dividers made of massive oak, an integrated refrigerator with a foot pedal as well as a built-in freezer and dishwasher. Underneath the sink is another pullout system to separate garbage. Furthermore, every inch of storage space is thoughtfully utilized by a corner cupboard with pullout shelves, to name just one feature. Bespoke Kitchen design by cabinet maker Nicolaj Bo, Copenhagen

Nicolaj Bo kitchen design in oak wood and racing green laminate
Nicolaj Bo kitchen design. Minimalist oak wood kitchen

Minimalist oak wood design at Tuborgvej, CopenhagenDanish minimalist kitchen design - by Nicolaj Bo™Spacious oak wood kitchen with racing green laminate. By cabinet maker Nicolaj Bo™

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