The construction of a new balcony for this Copenhagen apartment set off a major remodeling, creating space for a combined kitchen-dining area. The owners did not have a set vision of what their new kitchen should look like, but one thing was certain – they wanted lots of storage possibilities and a colourful kitchen that was some-what out of the ordinary. Our interior architect examined the possibilities of the room, and from there on it was a process of several sketch proposals back and forth before we, in close collaboration with the family, found the best solution for the room.

Craftsmanship and local production have been key to our decision-making.

The functional part of the kitchen with sink, hob and dishwasher are placed on the left side of the room. In this part of the kitchen, we have also made room for an integrated wine refrigerator – a wish from the husband in the family. The kitchen has no overhead cupboards; instead, the owners chose our NB 31 Shelf with an integrated LED strip that sheds light on the worktop. On the opposite side of the kitchen, we have installed a cabinet wall consisting of an integrated refrigerator as well as a pocket-door cabinet. The latter opens up for an extra worktop; an ideal solution for extra working space or a possibility to easily store away everyday kitchen appliances such as coffee machine, toaster etc. As an extension to the cabinet wall, we have custom-designed a three-meter wall-mounted wooden bench with upholstery in caramel coloured leather.

køkkenskab hvor lågerne er åbnet op så man kan se hylder og skuffer
stort køkkenskab med låge på klem

læderbænk ved siden af pistaciegrønt køkkenskab

When it came to choice of materials, the owners had no doubt – the primary material was to be linoleum. It was indeed the tactile and soft expression of the linoleum, as well as the many colour options, that had inspired them in the first place. The choice fell on a pistachio coloured linoleum. Many would consider this a rather bold choice of colour for a kitchen. But pistachio is a sufficiently calm and balanced colour to look at for years without getting tired of it. For the worktop, the family chose a bluish-green quartzite that matches well with the pistachio linoleum. The floor is kept in a dark warm brown stain, adding gravity to the light white walls and the bright pistachio. The result is a finely balanced space in terms of both materials and colours.

As a final feature, the kitchen has been fitted with our brass kitchen pulls. Thanks to their sleek and sharp design, these cabinet and drawer pulls nicely echo the sculptural lines of the kitchen design.

skærebræt på marmorbordplade
skabslåger i pistaciegrøn med greb i messing

nærbillede af greb i messing

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