Bespoke Kitchens

A philosophy of craftsmanship, aesthetics and balance

Bespoke Kitchens

A philosophy of craftsmanship, aesthetics and balance

We strive to achieve balance – in our designs, in life and in the way we work. We believe that choice of materials and design have an impact on how we live in and feel about a room.

We believe that an elegant kitchen is a kitchen that fits the space. This is why we have structured our production process to enable us to design and produce kitchens that are individually tailored in all respects. All of the lines, details and assemblies are carefully considered and designed, resulting in an attractive graphical effect with an emphasis on slim, elegant lines.
Every product is designed and produced locally at our workshop in the Sydhavn district of Copenhagen. It is important for us to keep our production in Denmark. This is because we believe in the value of being present, and that the path to creating the very best product is by bringing various professional skills together.
Every time we start a new project we follow a set process. We do this because we want to give you peace of mind from beginning to end.

Minimalistic and Scandinavian

Luxurious and cosmopolitan
Effortlessly light and grandiose

Powered by Nicolaj Bo – Colourful and playful

Some of the unique solutions we have created for private projects have developed into a furniture collection of tables, shelving units and kitchen accessories.

Our different designs are easily extended to bathrooms, wardrobes and living rooms.

Meet us

You are always welcome to visit one of our stores, call us or arrange an online meeting. Our interior designers are available to inspire or guide you with any specific ideas you have and questions about price and budget. Together we will design your unique bespoke kitchen.
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Let’s keep in touch so that we can keep inspiring you

with new products and design ideas from Nicolaj Bo.


Images are available to download from our media bank. For further information about our concept and products, please contact:
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