Culture Club Kitchen

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Culture club

Farverigt og legende

Culture Club Kitchen is the kid brother of the family – It is based on our core philosophy around functionality and design, but in a simpler version. The options and level of detail are limited compared to our other kitchens. This makes the kitchen easier to produce, and thereby more budget-friendly.

Culture Club Kitchen

Eg og farvet Formica er de gennemgående materialer i Culture Club køkkenet. Formica fås i et væld af farver, og der lægges derfor naturligt op til at skabe sin helt egen unikke, legende køkkenkombination.

Culture Club Kitchen

Oak and coloured Formica are the core materials of the Culture Club kitchen. Formica is available in a wealth of colours, offering a natural opportunity to create your very own unique, playful colour combination.


The Culture Club Kitchen has a 20-mm worktop, which protrudes slightly over the kitchen fronts and harmonises with the external handles. The corners are rounded, adding to the distinctive look of the kitchen.


A unique feature of this kitchen is the external wooden handle, which has the same graphical expression as our integrated signature handle.


Open shelves in the Culture Club Kitchen serve as wall cabinets. You have the option of creating your very own combination of our different modules.

Culture Club materials

Read more about the typical materials used for a Culture Club Kitchen


The worktop of the Culture Club Kitchen comes as standard in solid oak. Gable and plinth are made from oak veneer. You can also choose oak veneer for the kitchen fronts. We use quarter-cut oak veneer, which gives the wood a calm and uniform appearance. The veneer used for the fronts is carefully chosen, so that the wood’s natural grain runs consistently through the kitchen – a detail that is not usually taken into account in low-budget kitchen ranges.


Laminate has a sealed and smooth surface, which is extra durable and maintenance-free. The range of colours is extensive, and they have a clearer appearance than e.g. the linoleum colours. We only use a strong and solid-coloured Formica laminate. The wide range of colours allows you to choose the Culture Club kitchen in your dream colour – whether all in one colour or in an array of colours throughout the kitchen.

Natural Stone

If you want to upgrade your Culture Club Kitchen, switching to a worktop in natural stone is a great choice. Natural stone is a raw material with a unique structure and sensitivity that will patinate over time. Each stone has its own individual outline of patterns, colours and veins, which is part of the material’s natural charm. Natural stone is available in many colours and structures, allowing you to find the perfect match for both the colourful and monochrome Culture Club Kitchen.
Every time we start a new project, we follow a set process. It is a tried and tested method for us and we are keen to help you, giving you peace of mind from beginning to end.


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Kitchen moods

The well-thought-out design and impeccable carpentry details are given in all our kitchens. By choice of materials and composition, we can take the overall look of the kitchen in different directions to create your unique kitchen. Explore our kitchen styles and see which one suits you.

Nicolaj Bo Couture

A luxurious and cosmopolitan kitchen mood where the dark elements of the wood contrast beautifully with the marble and metals.

Nicolaj Bo Stiletto

A kitchen that elevated on legs floats elegantly above the ground. The mood of the kitchen is dependent on the choice of materials.

Nicolaj Bo Classic

A simple and timeless kitchen in either linoleum or oak, or a combination of both. Subtle but with a strong character.
Every product is designed and produced locally at our workshop in the Sydhavn area of Copenhagen. It is important for us to keep our production in Denmark. Because we believe in the value of presence, and that the way to create the very best product is to bring together different professional skills.

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You are always welcome to visit one of our stores, call us or arrange an online meeting. Our interior designers are available to inspire or guide you with any specific ideas you have and questions about price and budget. Together we will design your unique bespoke kitchen.
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