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Minimalistic and Scandinavian


Minimalistic and Scandinavian

Plain matt surfaces and wood in variations of solid wood and veneer are the elements used to create the simple, Scandinavian feel of a Nicolaj Bo Classic kitchen.

Linoleum snedkerkøkken pewter


Classic køkkenet består ofte af ét gennemgående materiale eller en sammensætning af to forskellige taktile teksture som egetræ og linoleum.


The Classic kitchen often consists of one consistent material throughout or a blend of two different textures, such as oak and linoleum.
snedkerkøkken indfræset greb


The edges of the worktops, drawers and gable are all bevelled and come together in what in carpentry terms are called mitres. It is this detail that creates the graphically slender lines and which gives the otherwise solid construction a light and elegant look.

Our integrated Nicolaj Bo signature handles are a sought-after detail that accentuates the wood in the design. If you prefer external handles, we have designed a single handle, available in brass or steel, which just like our integrated handles, follows the kitchen’s slim lines.

Køkken linoleum med marmor bordplade
Skraldeudtræk skuffe snedkerkøkken
Bestil møde snedker projekter

Every time we start a new project, we follow a set process. It is a tried and tested method for us and we are keen to help you, giving you peace of mind from beginning to end.

Classic materials

Read more about the typical materials used for a Nicolaj Bo Classic kitchen

Snedkerkøkken træ typer


Wood is the core element in our designs. Veneer is a classic choice for kitchen fronts, while solid wood is used for tapered drawers and worktops. We tend to use natural oak for the Classic kitchen, but other wood options such as oregon pine and ash are also possible. The veneer is either quarter-cut or flat-cut – processing methods that each lends a different look to the kitchen. How you prefer the overall look of the kitchen determines which processing method is used.

Snedkerkøkken linoleum materiale


Linoleum is a warm and tactile material that has many of the same excellent properties as wood. The surface has a soft, matt texture, and is available in a number of subtle colours that patinate well over time. As a material for kitchen fronts and worktops, it has a tactile and acoustically calming effect on the room. It is a natural material that is made almost 100% from recyclable materials from nature such as resin, linseed oil, stone flour and wood flour, which are mixed with environmentally friendly colour pigments

Snedkerkøkken metal stål messing

Steel & Brass

We use different types of metals in our kitchens. We tend to use steel in the Classic kitchen when an extra sturdy worktop is required. Our steel worktops are produced in 5-mm stainless steel with a matt-honed, brushed surface. The steel is either used in its natural silver or in an oxidised version, which gives the stainless steel a soft grey colour. If you prefer an accent to the warm shade of the natural oak, then brass is a good option for the handles and sink.

A Nicolaj Bo Classic kitchen in quarter-cut oak designed for a classic Mid-century modern villa. The owners of the house wanted a kitchen that inhabited the same atmosphere as they imagined the original kitchen had. Read more about the details and thoughts behind the project here.

70´er villa køkken renovering
Fingertappet bestikskuffe egetræ snedker
Indbygget reol egetræskøkken nicolaj bo

The well-thought-out design and impeccable carpentry details are given in all our kitchens. By choice of materials and composition, we can take the overall look of the kitchen in different directions to create your unique kitchen. Explore our kitchen styles and see which one suits you.

Nicolaj Bo Couture

A luxurious and cosmopolitan kitchen mood where the dark elements of the wood contrast beautifully with the marble and metals.

Nicolaj Bo Stiletto

A kitchen that elevated on legs floats elegantly above the ground. The mood of the kitchen is dependent on the choice of materials.

Nicolaj Bo Heritage

A traditional and timeless kitchen in painted ash veneer, Heritage combines the legacy that runs in a straight line from the funkis era’s framed kitchens to Nicolaj Bo’s exceptional contemporary functionalism.

Snedkerkøkken produceret i danmark Nicolaj Bo

Every product is designed and produced locally at our workshop in Copenhagen. It is important for us to keep our production in Denmark. Because we believe in the value of presence, and that the way to create the very best product is to bring together different professional skills.

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