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Other rooms

Having the design from the kitchen reflected in the bathroom, wardrobe or living room creates a wonderful, cohesive look in the home. We can help you with customised interior design solutions for every room in your home. As with our kitchens, the design is adapted to length, width and height, so that it fits the room perfectly.

The feel can be Classic, Couture, Heritage or Stiletto. You can also bring the simpler, more colourful feel from the Culture Club Kitchen into the bathroom and wardrobe.

The little details

All customised items of furniture offer an opportunity to incorporate personal solutions such as a trouser rack, integrated ironing board, power socket or anything else. Only your imagination sets the limit!

The greater lines

Choosing a customised solution lets you exploit the full potential of the room. It can be closet doors that go from floor to ceiling. Or it can be a piece of bathroom furniture that fits perfectly into an existing niche in the bathroom. The possibilities are endless.


We have turned some of the unique solutions we have created for private projects into a furniture collection of tables, shelving units and kitchen accessories.


See our full furniture collection and prices, as well as our product specifications, and order directly from our webshop.
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