Nicolaj Bo

We create meticulous, function-oriented design using honest craftsmanship and quality-conscious material selection. Design and products that last for many decades to come, and which age gracefully.

Each product is designed individually to fit the room perfectly in height, width and depth. Every single product is designed and produced locally at our workshop in Copenhagen. The close cooperation between design and production allows us to ensure a consistently high quality throughout the process. In addition, it provides a strong, social working environment with communal lunches at long tables, floating sauna and swimming in the nearby harbour canal every Tuesday all year round.

Nicolaj Bo

The driving force behind the Nicolaj Bo brand is Nicolaj Bo, who for over 20 years has had a strong passion for creating beautiful and functional furniture. Trained in one of Denmark’s oldest and most highly respected furniture factories, A/S Søborg Møbler, Nicolaj has learned from some of the great masters and developed a love for simple and functional design. An understanding of and respect for Danish furniture culture are deeply rooted within Nicolaj, and this is reflected in the company’s philosophy of maintaining balance, immersion, craftsmanship and aesthetics in everything we produce.

Every product is designed and produced locally in our workshop in Copenhagen. It is important for us to keep our production in Denmark. Because we believe in the value of presence, and that we create the very best product by bringing together different professional skills.

Every time we start a new project, we follow a set process. It is a tried and tested method for us and we are keen to help you, giving you peace of mind from beginning to end.

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