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Every time we start a new project we follow a set process. We do this because replacing a kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe can be an extensive process. An extraordinary result requires the right decisions to be made in the right order. This is a tried and tested method for us and we are keen to help you, giving you peace of mind from beginning to end.

8 steps to create your kitchen


Sketch phase

Visit our showroom or send us a plan and preferably some pictures of the room. The first quote and sketches won’t cost you anything.


Design phase
We meet in your home and measure up your kitchen space. We design your kitchen in detail. When we start the design phase, you commit to paying a deposit of DKK 5000. This amount is only invoiced if you then decide not to order a kitchen from us.


Order confirmation

You receive an order confirmation for the project. We invoice the first payment, which is 50% of the order total.


Final design drawing
The kitchen is designed in a detailed 3D model. Once you have approved the final drawing, we set a delivery date.



We produce all parts for the new kitchen in Denmark. You and your builders prepare the kitchen space so that power, plumbing and painting are all finished and ready before fitting begins.


Delivery and assembly
The second payment of 40% of the order total is invoiced and must be paid ahead of mountning. Assembly typically takes 6-8 working days.



On the final day of fitting, we go through the kitchen together and check that everything is as agreed.  A delivery note is signed by you and the fitter.


Fine adjustments
Within two weeks of delivery, the fitter will return to make any final adjustments. The third and final payment of 10% of the order total is invoiced.


Every product is designed and produced in Denmark. It is important for us to keep our production in Denmark. Because we believe in the value of presence, and that the way to create the very best product is to bring together different professional skills.

Kitchen moods

Explore our different kitchen styles and see which one suits you best. Is it Classic, Couture, Stiletto or Culture Club Kitchen?
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Book a meeting

You can book a free meeting in our calendar below.
At the meeting, we can immerse ourselves in your project and answer your questions.
The meeting can be via conference call or take place in our Showroom at Gammel Kongevej in Copenhagen.

Your request for a meeting will be confirmed within 24 hours. If you wish to have a meeting within 24 hours, we kindly ask you to contact us by phone.