Our Kitchens

A basic design with endless options

Our Kitchens

A basic design with endless options

The well-thought-out design and impeccable carpentry details are given in all our kitchens. By choice of materials and composition, we can take the overall look of the kitchen in different directions to create your unique kitchen. Explore our kitchen styles and see which one suits you.

Plain matt surfaces and wood in variations of solid wood and veneer are the elements used to create the simple, Scandinavian feel of Nicolaj Bo’s Classic kitchen.
The combination of expressive dark wood, metals and unique surfaces create a feeling of international exclusivity. The functionality of the sublime basic design with its many carpentry details is a matter of course.
Stiletto is elevated on legs and floats elegantly above the ground. The wide drawers add to the light, minimalist look, and the unrivalled level of detail makes these units resemble a beautiful piece of furniture. Bring your kitchen with you, from home to home.

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This kitchen range is based on our basic philosophy around functionality and design but is a simpler version with a focus on Formica, oak and an informal composition. This design is for those who want a solid product that is budget-friendly – whether for your first apartment, your summer house or simply because it’s the right choice for you.
We believe that an elegant kitchen is a kitchen that fits the space. This is why we have structured our production process to enable us to design and produce kitchens that are individually tailored in all respects. All of the lines, details and assemblies are carefully considered and designed in order to create an attractive graphical picture with an emphasis on slim, elegant lines.
Every time we start a new project, we follow a set process. It is a tried and tested method for us and we are keen to help you, giving you peace of mind from beginning to end.

Meet us

You are always welcome to visit one of our stores, call us or arrange an online meeting. Our interior designers are available to inspire or guide you with any specific ideas you have and questions about price and budget. Together we will design your unique bespoke kitchen.
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Images are available to download from our media bank. For further information about our concept and products, please contact: pr@nicolajbo.dk.
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