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Classsic - linoleum and oak

A sloping building site – squeezed in between other villas – may not sound like the ideal starting point for a new house project. Nevertheless, the owners of this house managed to utilise its potential to the fullest. The result is a modern villa with lots of light and space and an inviting large kitchen space at the heart of the house.

We wanted a kitchen design that could just as well have been designed 10 years ago as today. That’s the essence of Danish design for me – that it’s timeless.

In collaboration with the customer, we designed a kitchen that by millimeter fits between the two sets of steps that lead to the house’s living area. This almost gives the impression that the house was built around the kitchen and not vice versa. In the middle of the room, we have installed a kitchen island with a sink, plenty of workspace and a seating area. The latter has quickly become a favorite spot of the children. Here they entertain themselves with drawings or homework when the parents are busy in the kitchen.

The owners of the house have a love for carpentry and good quality. It was therefore of high importance to them that the quality and carefully thought-out functionality was evident throughout the design. Tapered drawers, integrated foil cutter embedded in the drawer, a light oak shelf over the kitchen wall rather than cupboards, and a Nicolaj Bo- designed dining table are all details that testify to a harmonious design plan of the entire kitchen space. To balance out the hardness of the cement tiles on the floor, the couple chose linoleum as the main material for the kitchen. The ceiling in the kitchen is covered with oak slats – a nice design detail that together with the softness of the linoleum also has an acoustic effect on the room. The Nicolaj Bo design is continued through the two bathrooms of the villa. Here the owners have chosen bathroom modules in burgundy and powder linoleum respectively. This creates a coherent design experience throughout the rooms of the house, with different colour choices as a welcome variation.

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