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Brdr. Reebergs Vej

Oxidized oak and brass

The large kitchen in oxidized oak serves as the focal point of the house and, with its dark tones, creates a beautiful contrast to the otherwise bright home.

The classic 1950s house, located on a quiet residential street on the outskirts of Frederiksberg, underwent a complete interior renovation before the current owners moved in. The kitchen is located in what used to be the transition between the original house and an extension from the 1990s. The new location of the kitchen has provided the house with a more contemporary spatial arrangement, and what used to be the dead spot of the house has now become a large kitchen, functioning as the natural focal point of the home both on the floor plan and in everyday life.

What used to be the dead spot of the house has now given room to a large kitchen. A kitchen that both on the floor plan and in everyday life serves as the heart of the home.

The back of the kitchen is designed with a long floor-to-ceiling cabinet wall. This contains an integrated refrigerator, wine refrigerator, oven and a pocket-door solution. In front of the cabinet wall, a kitchen island has been installed with hot plates and washbasin. As the kitchen extends over what used to be several rooms, we have adapted both cabinet wall and kitchen island to the ceiling and floor respectively. The cabinets are adjusted in height so that they follow the ceiling’s edge all the way. Also, in the parts of the kitchen where there are almost three meters to the ceiling. This gives a nice, continuous expression, where the dimensions and kitchen design of the room are integrated together.

The kitchen island extends over 3 meters and is made in a matching oxidized oak with a Pietra Grey marble tabletop. At one end, the kitchen island becomes an integrated part of the dining room with a seating area and room for bar stools. The other end slightly protrudes the living area. This has created a successful and natural contact between the kitchen, dining room and living room areas. As an extra finesse, this kitchen has brass inlay in our signature handles. A neat detail that speaks to the materials of the washbasin, kitchen tap and overhead light in the kitchen.

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