Den Frie Kitchen

Oak and oxidized brass.
During 3daysofdesign 2020 we presented the Stiletto kitchen for the first time. For the exhibition Material Matters, we designed a Stiletto kitchen island with fronts in oxidized brass and an oak tabletop with integrated work area made of oxidized steel. A completely unique version of the Stiletto kitchen, which received a lot of attention due to the surprising choice of materials for the fronts.

A kitchen with a floating design. Effortlessly light and grandiose at the same time.

Oxidized brass is a new treatment of the material, which we have developed at the workshop in Copenhagen. It is a hand-held and time-consuming process, where each kitchen front is treated separately and thus gets its own unique expression. The overall kitchen gets an expressive changing colour scheme that varies depending on the light and point of view.

The Stiletto frame is a finely crafted construction in itself. The kitchen rests on an oak frame carried by conical, square legs, where the cross joints between frame and legs reveal the simple yet strong construction.

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