Lange Eng

Culture Club kitchen combined with Stiletto

Situated in Albertslund just south of Copenhagen, Lange Eng is a communal living project designed by the architect Dorte Mandrup in 2008. Our customers have been a part of the community since its inception and thus, after 12 years of use, they wanted to find a replacement for their classic and rather anonymous project kitchen. Their dream was to have a bespoke kitchen drawn up and they felt from the very outset well taken care of by our interior designer, who was good at understanding their needs and weaving these into a beautiful and functional kitchen that fits well into the open floor plan.

The kitchen is a central space in our home – both regarding function as well as aesthetically. That is why we wanted a kitchen that would combine design, materials and purpose for many years to come.

The kitchen was drafted with a classic kitchen wall containing all the practical functions such as refrigerator, sink, oven and cooking surface. This area is made in our Culture Club design. This modular kitchen concept is especially easy to adapt to a modern project building, which often contain predefined spaces that fit with standard kitchen modules. The kitchen fronts here have been made using the ultra-matte Fenix laminate surface in a desaturated grey-green. This colour goes well with the oak – is the other prevalent material in the kitchen – and both materials create a refined tactility.

In order to make most optimal use of the space available, a kitchen island in oak was built as a supplement to the kitchen wall. It stands in the center of the house’s floor plan and is made in our Stiletto design, which is a kitchen on a frame with legs. Standing on legs, the kitchen island creates an effect akin to weightlessness, and speaks to the island being kitchen as much as it is a piece of furniture. The kitchen island thus created an elegant transitional space from the kitchen to the rest of the home – which is especially fitting in this context, where kitchen, dining and living room come together as one.

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