Henrikshave Kitchen

This kitchen is created entirely in oregon pine and located inside one of the 28 linked Henrikshave villas built in the early 1960’s.

Snedkerkøkkenet Henrikshave - designet og produceret af Nicolaj Bo

The villas share wonderful views of the preserved Maglemosen moors. Natural light falls from over the swampy scrubs and windbreaks of the parklike terrain straight into the kitchen.

Removing the previous genuine, high-functioning Tectum-kitchen – which had served its term – made room for this Nicolaj Bo-kitchen to replace and renew. Because the clients wanted a new kitchen to match the quality of the old one, but with a more open feel, they had the wall facing the dining room knocked down. Still, they wanted to keep the cooking area shielded from the dining and living areas. We accommodated this wish by putting up a tall cabinet system with three subsections for a subtle division of the rooms, thus isolating the sounds and smells of cooking.

This kitchen is made of Oregon pine with its distinctive, rigorous vein structures and warm reddish glow.

This kitchen is made of Oregon pine with its distinctive, rigorous vein structures and warm reddish glow. The kitchen table is massive Oregon pine, whereas the fronts are Oregon pine veneer. The insides contain finger-jointed pullout trays and cross-lap jointed cutlery organizers in Oregon pine, resting on a blue-green linoleum surface.

From the dining room view, the left hand section has a niche hidden between the upper and the lower cabinets. It opens up the large and bright surface of the cabinet system toward the living room. On the side facing the kitchen, we wrapped the front surfaces in a warm, blue/green linoleum, complementing the lighter colors of the Oregon pine. The middle section has an integrated fridge with a floor pedal, and the two outer sections hold cabinets with plenty of space.

Minimalistic 1960's inspired kitchen in oregon pineSnedkerkøkkenet Henrikshave - designet og produceret af Nicolaj BoDanish kitchen design at Henrikshave - by cabinet maker Nicolaj Bo™Oregon pine kitchen with coverings in blue-green linoleumOregon pine kitchen design. Handmade by Nicolaj Bo™ in Copenhagen, Denmark

Henrikshave blev i efteråret vist i Bo Bedre. Her kan du se hele artiklen, som bla. indeholder følgende beskrivelse:

Husets hjerte, det smukke køkken, er nyt, men holdt i samme stil som det originale 60’er-køkken. Familien ønskede at være tro mod den oprindelige stil og valgte derfor et Nicolaj Bo-køkken i træsortern Oregon Pine. Komfuret er placeret foran et vindue, og derfor er emhætten specialdesignet, så den ikke skygger for udsigten til den smukke natur.

Alt Interiør 09/2017

The new kitchen design by Nicolaj Bo - Henrikshave is made entirely in Oregon pine

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